Thanks for joining me! The journey is made much more interesting when there is company along the way. I’m David Wilson and Barnabas Connexion is the way I am connecting with people now that I’m retired from paid employment. Most of you know me already but for those who don’t let me introduce my self.

I’m married to Debbie and we have 4 adult children and 17 Grandchildren. I live in Mt. Evelyn, Victoria, Australia, a beautiful village snuggled into the side of the Dandenong Ranges just outside of Melbourne.


I began work 47 years ago (1972) in the inner suburbs of Melbourne working with people struggling with loneliness, drug abuse and mental health issues. My undergraduate work was in Theology and I gained a Master of Arts in Social Science and a Doctorate in Counselling. I have taught Sociology, Philosophy, Urban Studies, Psychology and Counselling at a Tertiary level for over 25 yrs.

I was President of Residents 3000, the political voice of people living in the CBD and in that role was part of the commission that developed the City of Melbourne’s Drugs Action Plan. As a Melbourne City Councillor (2004 – 2008). I held the position of The Chair of Community & Culture, which covered Libraries, Arts, and Education; Children, Youth, Aged, Family, Disabilities and Ethnic Services; Emergency Management; Housing; Indigenous Affairs; Safety & Health; and Social Policy, which included Drug abuse, Homeless issues and Policing matters…. oh yeah, and pigeons!

I was the Director of Bible Society’s Sophia Think Tank for five years, promoting engagement with wisdom for personal and social transformation through public theology and advocacy. In that role I researched topics such as the problem of youth suicide, and the crisis in Australian democracy.

Until the end of 2017 I was the CEO of Urban Seed in the City of Melbourne. Urban Seed was a Christian Community Development Agency that used hospitality, recreation, and the arts to help people experiencing disadvantage to move toward communities of healing, hope and justice. I have now retired from paid employment after working in the Community Sector for over 45 years and I am passionate about giving back to that sector the kind of services I benefitted from over that time, through education, advocacy, networking, and support.

I am passionate about social justice, economic fairness, and equal value of all people. I am a follower of Jesus who is often disappointed with the Church as it exists in the world today, in as far as it falls short of the characteristics of Jesus, especially in his priority to be identified with the poor and needy. I believe that this world can be transformed but that it will take all of us working together to make that happen… thus the site identification declaring “We are all in this together”.

I look forward to interacting with you through the pages of this Blog site.