Daily Food for Thought


Photo and Qoute Bonhoeffer

One of the key themes in the Old Testament passages that point ahead to the coming of the Messiah is justice. He will bring justice to the poor, the Kingdom he rules over will be a Kingdom of Justice, he will not rest until justice has been established over all the earth, and so on…

What is meant by justice? Everyone gets punished for all the wrong things we have done? Justice has been served! No, for the Messianic Kingdom ushered in by the birth of Jesus is a Kingdom of grace and mercy as well. So what is meant by justice? It is best understood as the establishment and practice of the law of God, and Jesus himself said that God’s law is all about love, love for God, love for neighbour, and love for enemy. The justice that rises and dominates the Kingdom of God is a justice of love. Nothing more, nothing less.

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