Daily Food for Thought

Photo Bent tree Wright Art

#Bent Trees 3. We are called to be different.

When faced with overwhelming need we are more likely to get frustrated and dismissive than to see opportunity for kindness. In Matthew 15 it is recorded that Jesus sat in the middle of a crowd of people with deep physical needs, including hunger. His response was one of compassion that led to restorative action. He healed them and he fed them. Need + compassion + opportunity = action from which the individual and the community benefited. The disciples saw a lack of resources as a problem. “Compassion is all very well Jesus, but where do we get enough to feed this mob? They should’ve thought ahead and brought their own food! This is not our problem! Send them away.” Jesus simply used what was available. He was different, refusing to be moulded into the framework the culture tried to enforce. He was a bent tree.

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