Daily Food for Thought

In Matthew 13 it is recorded that Jesus told a parable about wheat and weeds. He says that there was a field where a lot of good wheat had been sown, but someone had come along later and put in a bunch of weeds. The farmers wanted to go out and get rid of the weeds but the Owner tells them not to because they might get rid of the wheat along with the weeds. That sort of work has to be left to harvest time and to specialists in knowing what to get rid of. In his explanation he tells his disciples that the harvest is the end of time and the specialists are the angels sent by God himself. In other words, to put it simply, it’s not our job to decide who’s in and who’s out. Later on in the same chapter he tells another parable about a fishing net that caught all sorts of fish and the bad fish needed to be separated from the good fish, but again he says this is to be done at the end of time by his angels. Not our job. Two reasons immediately come to mind. 1. Jesus is really into inclusiveness; 2. It’s way too easy for us to have screwed up criteria for deciding in and out. Jesus later tells us, recorded in Matthew 25, that his criteria is how we treat the poor and needy. We’re bound to get that one wrong!Photo You didn't do it for me

2 Replies to “Daily Food for Thought”

  1. Yes, it is so easy to set ourselves up as judge and jury. I think this is one area where we need to leave the weeding to God and concentrate on being obedient to his commands, not wasting energy and time on presumptuous ideas that we know God’s mind about others.


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