Imagine… a reflection on Ash Barty


Here in Australia we all love Ash Barty. We love her tennis ability, we love the fact that she’s #1 in Women’s tennis at the moment, we love her Indigenous heritage… but most of all we love her character. She’s humble in victory, gracious in defeat, and speaks well of her teammates and her opponents. Contrasted with some other tennis players we are all too familiar with in this country she’s a breath of fresh air. She’s a wonderful role model for all of us, especially young sports people rising up through the ranks.

Its of great interest to me that we’re all applauding her character of humility and kindness and yet we don’t seem to look for the same qualities in other fields of leadership. Imagine…. what if we looked for and applauded  these characteristics in politics? In Business? In the Church? Imagine… the world would be a different place!

Some of the most powerful words that Jesus ever spoke were ‘not so with you’. He was talking about patterns and styles of leadership existent at the time and he called his followers to an ethic of difference, to a character based ethic that looked radically different compared to those accepted leadership models. His own leadership style was different to them and he called others to be like him. Imagine… the world would be a different place. Thank God for Ash Barty.


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