Daily Food for Thought


Another Reflection on Matthew 8:1-4

It’s interesting how much of the Sermon on the Mount is being practiced by Jesus in this short story: he is salt and light in the neighbourhood as he brings compassion, grace, and healing into it; he is fulfilling the law as he gets the healed man to obey the legal requirements; he is going the second mile as he reaches out and touches the leprous man instead of just speaking the words of healing; he is loving a social outcast (an enemy in the neighbourhood’s eyes); his actions are the values and character of heaven, seeing God’s will done on earth as it is in heaven; he is not judging the leprous man; he is doing to the man what he would want done to himself; he is producing good fruit that glorifies God; he is ‘hearing’ and doing.

People often say that the sermon is impossible to live and give all sorts of explanations for its existence but in this story we have a whole lot of it being lived out so well. Jesus uses hyperbole in the sermon and we have to understand how to interpret and apply that, but so much of the teaching can be a part of everyday life.


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