Daily Food for Thought


A Reflection on Matthew 8:1-4

Jesus is in, of, and for the neighbourhood. He is coming back down from the mountain after delivering a sermon to the crowds and goes into a village where he meets a person in need of help. The actions he carries out are a wonderful example of neighbourly love and kindness. He is truly the good neighbour, and all without showiness. This benefits the whole neighbourhood. It is for the community as well as for the man, for leprosy was a community problem in so many ways. And he was of the neighbourhood in his desire to fulfil neighbourhood culture and law. Such is our calling… in, of, and for our neighbourhoods.


4 Replies to “Daily Food for Thought”

  1. I think it is so much harder these days to connect with neighbours due to fear, suspicion, busyness, locked gates and high fences and language barriers.

    But still a smile, eye contact,, offers to help new migrants with English, courageous attempts to learn a few words of their language, giving the sick, lonely and elderly a cooked meal or an invitation home are still possible. Also invitations to collect mail, water gardens etc. when people are away.

    It is easy to feel isolated and just mix with those of similar background and culture, but Jesus wants us to open our eyes to the needs and hurts of those around us. Ask him today to tell us the next step towards community and hope. That is where Sunday ’church’ is played out all week in growing surprising relationships breaking down barriers. Let’s get out of our insular comfort zones and be Jesus even when words fail us.


    1. Thanks Jenny. Thoughtful reflections and a worthwhile challenge (good grief, I feel like I’m back marking one of your papers… all that’s left is to give you an ‘A’, a grade you are more than familiar with!!). But seriously, I agree with you that it is hard in some places to get to know your neighbours. We find it much harder now in Mt Evelyn than we did when we lived on Exhibition St in Melbourne. But having the intention and then looking for opportunities is a good way to go. Thanks for interacting.


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