2 Replies to “Daily Food for Thought”

    1. Challenging question mate. As I get older the issues can become overwhelming and I can feel like I’m running out of time. When I was younger I thought we could change the world yesterday but now I know otherwise. I’m not in despair about that, in fact its all about taking a better grip on reality. I think of another Eagles song called ‘Its your world now’. A lot of what I am called to do over the next 50 years (don’t laugh so hard Simon!!) is to challenge and equip the next generation of Revolutionaries… and that’s exciting. On the other hand, I’m not done yet! I relate to the idea that if there’s a whole lot of dead fish downstream we need to go upstream to have a look at what’s happening. That will involve systemic change. One of the motivations for getting involved in local politics was the drive for social change and I saw some wonderful things happen at a policy and a practical level. We need to use every opportunity we have to bring about systemic change. The areas that are pushing my buttons at the moment are refugees, mental health, and homelessness. That’s keeping me involved enough for now! I know you join me in these concerns and that you join me in searching for ways to make a difference. Goodonya Simon!


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