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Imagine… reflections of an ageing Jesus freak who believes that a world of peace, hope, and love is still possible. Imagine…

A movement I was a part of in the 1970’s, and still deeply identify with, was the Jesus Movement. I grew up feeling the Church was not for me and that it was totally irrelevant for what I wanted out of life. Then I discovered the Jesus Movement and things changed. Jesus the Revolutionary was an image I could relate to. This took on relevancy in my passions for social, economic and environmental reform. It was a Movement of peace and hope and love and it all made such sense as I found my way through a world of war and despair and centerdness. I found the values that Jesus, the Revolutionary, taught and lived were fantastic and I was glad to be a Jesus freak.

Fast forward forty years and I still get turned on by those values and I still believe that Jesus is the greatest example of peace, hope, and love to ever grace this planet. I also continue to look around and see a world of war and despair and centerdness. And, quite frankly I see a Church that is not doing a good job in Australia of helping people to see just how relevant and attractive this Jesus stuff is!

I am reminded of the Eagles ‘Sad Café’ (about which I have previously written on this blog site) where they write about The Troubadour Cafe in Los Angeles:

Oh it seemed like a holy place
Protected by amazing grace
And we would sing right out loud
The things we could not say
We thought we could change this world
With words like “love” and “freedom”
We were part of the lonely crowd
Inside the Sad Café…

Some of their dreams came true,
Some just passed away
And some of them stayed behind
Inside the Sad Cafe…
But things in this life change very slowly,
If they ever change at all…

That was us! We thought we could ‘change the world with words like love and freedom’ but we learned that ‘things in this life change very slowly, if they ever change at all’.

But… I do not live in despair. Hopelessness has not overtaken me, for I choose to live with the belief that a world of peace and hope, and love is still possible. Some will call me stupid for such a hope but I think it’s reasonable and this series called Imagine… will address the reasons I live in hope. Please come with me on this journey and enter into the discussion. Imagine…

6 Replies to “Imagine…”

  1. You’ve been appointed the driver for this Journey David, allow Jesus to take the wheel through the Holy Spirit whom He’s clearly appointed to be your Helper and guide throughout the Journey.
    My seat is taken, I am with you on this journey; hopefully it’ll be a marvelous ride full of a lot of insight and learning.
    God Bless.

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  2. Anotger Jesus freak here…happy to have ridden the journey with you…watching my little Jesus Freaks raise their own no. Hope this family legacy of hope continues through our generations.
    From little things big things grow…slowly maybe but growing all the same.

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